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Creating a Resume: Tips & Techniques

Selecting a Profession
This field is very important to the success of a job application. The profession chosen for a resume determines which skills are available in the Skill Matrix. And the skills selected in the Skills Matrix help employers to find and examine the resume.

Making Multiple Selections for One Field
Multiple selections may be made for the Job Type field.

Formatting Resume Text
When pasting text into the various text boxes on the "Text" page while creating a resume, some formatting (such as bullets) may not be retained. To prevent strange characters from appearing, save the text in plain text format before pasting it into the text box. HTML code may be used to bold words, create bulleting lists and apply other formatting styles.

Selecting Skills
Select skills under one or more tabs in the Skills Matrix to create a resume that stands out. (See Selecting Skills From the Skills Matrix).

To find a specific skill, click the "Skill Search" link to learn which tab the skill is under. If the skill cannot be found, click the "Request a Skill" link. Be sure to provide a brief description of the skill.

Note: Unless a profile is saved, it will remain incomplete and a "You have unfinished work!" warning will appear on the "My Resumes" page.

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